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Author Topic: Clannad/Celtic Woman Dulaman on Youtube  (Read 11654 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2007, 10:17PM »

Wanna know something? Clannad is the brother of Enya

Well, close... of Clannad's 5 members,  Ciaran & Pol are Enya's brothers, Moya is Enya's sister, and Noel & Padraig are Enya's uncles. Wink

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Loved all the videos, thanks for the links. As to the negative comments. There are some people in this world who feel that bad-mouthing something makes them seem smart. These are sad,little people who usually have little to no knowledge of the things they are busting on. In some ways I feel sorry for them since that attitude causes them to miss out on some truly great things. In this case Out wonderful ladies! 

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I saw on one of the youtube comments that it is rare to see ENYA with long hair. Shocked I new someone on here would know if the gal was ENYA and I wasn't disappointedto see on the thread all of the members were named.

Thanks Kimberly

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Enya sang with Clannad before she went off on her own with Clannad's former managers Nicki and Roma Ryan.  If you can, listen to a song called An Tull by Clannad and hear Enya singing without all the overlays, and additions.  She sounds quite wonderful alone.  I have a huge crush on Enya's older brother Ciaran, that's why I know so much abou them, LOL.


This is the album cover for Fuam.  Enya is the one with the short hair!
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And that is NOT all. After she and her brother or husband (I do not know which) Nicholas resigned from the management of Clannad to join Enya even as she resigned from Clannad, Roma Ryan became the primary lyricist for the Enya repertoire.

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The British Isles may become all I have left.

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I thought this was cool.  Someone posted it on Youtube and has the Clannad version and the Meav version.  Clannad released their album  "Dulaman" in 1976.  I love both versions!

P.S. And reading the comments below on Youtube...the Clannad fans liked the Clannad version better and the CW fans liked the CW version better.

Dead link, terminated YouTube account. Again.

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