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Author Topic: Celtic Woman Discography/Videography  (Read 58673 times)
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Let me just start by saying this list is AMAZING! Thank you!

Here's some things to help get you caught up. I won't get too much into the variants because I would probably go nuts if I tried, but this should get you started.

Celtic Woman

Endless Ocean 2 soundtrack (2009)    ... Video game soundtrack. All previously recorded Celtic Woman songs. I don't think there's an album available though.
The Best of Christmas (2017)      ... compilation album
Homecoming: Live from Ireland (DVD and Live CD) (2018)      ... Target Exclusive has 2 bonus tracks (Time To Say Goodbye, Amazing Grace)


Alex, Lynn, and Edel Murphy

Favorite Hymns (Jason Tonioli Album) (2017)
A Million Dreams (2018)      ... single on iTunes etc.
Remember Me (Lullaby from Coco)       ... single iTunes etc.
Brahms' Lullaby (2018) ... Lynn solo      ... single on iTunes etc.


Lead Me Home (2017) (Camille Nelson CD)      ... Alex performed in "Be Thou My Vision"


Mystic Spirits Vol 9 (2003)     ... track: Walking in the Air (album)
Evasion Celtique 2 (2003)     ... tracks: Walking in the Air, Last Rose of Summer (album)
Mystic Dreams (2004)    ... track: Walking in the Air (this is unconfirmed)
The Absolute Sound 2004 (2004)    ... track: Vincent-Starry, Starry Night (album)
Love is Christmas (2013)     ... single, iTunes etc (iTunes)
Horizons (Celtic Thunder CD) (2015)    ... Chloe performed Know You By Heart (album)
Basel Tattoo 2015 (Live) (CD) (2015)     ... iTunes
Heartstrings (2016) (CD)     ... Can only get it from the merch table at her tours and as special tip rewards at some of her online shows
Celtic Roots (Live) with Nathan Carter  (CD and DVD)     ... Chloe performed Grace (solo) and Hard Times (duet)
Like an Angel (2017)     ... single (it should also be on her new EP which hopefully will release this year)
Home for Christmas (2017) (CD)      ... Was available from the merch table during her Christmas tour last year
The Thing About You (2018) (CD)


Derek (Derek Moloney album) (2008) (CD)      ... track: Fields of Athenry   ... same as "If You're Irish" version
If You're Irish (2008) (CD)     ... she's featured in 5 songs on the album (
Mumbo Jumbo (Air Supply) (2010) (CD)    ... track: Why

Lisa Lambe

16 Dead Men (W.B. Yeats) (2016)     ... single (iTunes, etc.)
The Elevated Life (2016) (Ewan Cowley CD)     ... Lisa performed in "The Thorns From Your Heart"
Goldenhair (2017) (CD)    ... Lisa performed in "The Kiss She Gave to Me" and "Love Is Aweary"


A Feeling Shared: The Opening Ceremony Of The 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games (2003) (CD)
Invocation (Anuna) (1995) (CD)
Be Yourself (Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club) (2004)
Sensation (Anuna) (2006) (CD)
Celtic Dreams (Anuna / Meav) (2006)
Illumination (Anuna) (2012) (CD)
Illuminations (Anuna) (2014) (CD)
A Christmas Selection (Anuna) (2017)
Selected 1987-2017 (Anuna) (2017)
Selected II 1983-2017 (Anuna) (2017)

Mairead Carlin

The Little Prince (2004) (CD/DVD)
World in Union: Rugby World Cup, 2011 - The Official Album (2011) (CD)
Let the River Run (2014) ... single with Damian McGinty

Mairead Nesbitt

Devil's Bit Sessions (2017) (CD)     ... There's a separate accompanying DVD, Tracks and Paths (2017), which you can get from her site


Winter Songs (Anuna) (2002) (CD)

Meav Appearances in Compilations:
   Celtic Twilight 4 (1997) (CD)
   National Geographic: Destination Ireland (2001) (CD)
   Mystic Spirits, Vol. 6 (2002) (CD)
   Essential Anuna (2005) (CD)
   The Greatest Irish Album Ever (2005) (CD)
   The Best of Celtic Collections Volume 3 (Meav) (2018) (CD)


The Music Of Ireland - A Celtic Treasure (2011) (CD)   ... featured in "Carolan's Welcome"
Sweet By and By (2017) (CD)

If I'm missing anything over the past few years, please let me know.

That's just the newer stuff from the current and former principal performers of Celtic Woman. If we're keeping a separate list for key choir members, band members, and special guests, I have lots of those too.

Susan McFadden

Relative Strangers (TV mini-series) (1999) (DVD) ... as actress (Episodes 1 and 2)
The Rock 'n' Roll Show (Daniel O'Donnell) (2005) (DVD)  ... as a dancer
Act One - Songs From the Musicals of Alexander S. Bermange (2008)(CD)    ... featured in  tracks "How You Imagine It to Be" and "Higher Than a Shooting Star"
Legally Blonde The Musical: Original London Cast (2010)(CD)    ... featured in 4 tracks (Amazon streaming, iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Tara McNeill

- Diablo III (Video Game) Soundtrack (2012) (CD) ... part of the choir
- Illumination (Anuna) (CD) (2012) ... part of the choir
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The original CW concert was also issued on VHS tapes.  I have one. Wink
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Thanks guys.   

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Wow.  I haven't worked on this in like 2 years since my last computer died.  I finally bought a new laptop.  Took me long enough.  I still don't have internet at home but can use my sister's.  I hope to get this caught up.  I added some to the cd/dvd list on the first page of this subject.  I hope to get more added soon.  Thanks.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.
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Thanks  looking forward to seeing the additions.

=)  yes!! We got to go ! 
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