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Author Topic: Unforgettable moment at CW show in March  (Read 2444 times)
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« on: June 03, 2013, 08:12PM »

Just wanted to share something I saw at my first-ever CW show in person, in March. Although the entire experience is etched into my memory forever - and of course the ladies' performances were stunning - perhaps the most amazing thing of all wasn't on stage, it was in the audience.

The inspiring moment at the end I will never, ever forget is a family across the aisle and about two rows in front of me. It was an elderly Mom and Dad with their daughter. The Mom was in a wheelchair, and it took the daughter and an usher to lift the woman into her seat. At the end, after the encore when the entire theater was going crazy, I looked over, and there's the daughter and the Dad lifting the Mom out of her seat as she was clapping wildly. Even though she wasn't physically able to stand on her own, she wanted to be part of the standing ovation.


Anyone else have similar experiences? I'm guessing many of you do. There's something about Celtic Woman...

Thank you Chiara for my beautiful banner. Smiley
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