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Author Topic: Celtic Woman 'Emerald' concert Pittsburgh PA, May 17, 2014  (Read 2880 times)
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I saw Meav perform for the 1st time on 3/10/15

« on: May 22, 2014, 08:50PM »

Saturdays CW concert in Pittsburgh PA was AWESOME!  It was a cold & rainy day for the most part (go figure, CW was in town lol) I got to the venue a few hours early (thanks to my transportation bus company  ) Went to Subway & spent a while in there, decided to go outside for a little while which turned out to be pretty awesome! Saw Susan cross a street, Anthony, Craig, Edel Ray, Ewan (i think) & the other drummer. Met up with Mike (MrPeabody) had an early dinner in there & we talked. While we were talking i spotted Lynn walk past. That was cool.  Before I met up with Mike, though, Edel & Craig were walking past & i gave Edel a few letters i had for her & a few of the other artists. I congratulated her on the news of her becoming the lead singer in Riverdance.

I knew this was going to be a very exciting show because several of the songs that were performed i would be seeing live for the very first time even though i have seen them performed on the DVDs by the other CW artists. I absolutely LOVED 'The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun! I was surprised that a few of the lines were switched around. I love the extended version of it.

I really enjoyed Lynns version of 'Cailin Alainn/Dulaman'. Her vocal range is amazing! She added a few notes in Dulaman that she didnt do when i saw her perform it in 2010. I liked it a lot.

Mairead Carlins 'Newgrange' was my favorite solo of hers of the night. I've never been a big fan of that song, that is until i heard MC sing it. Her version will always be my favorite.

Mairead Nesbitt pretty much changed 'The Butterfly' almost  completely. It was AWESOME!! I got many looks & smiles from her during it.

'The New Ground' is a very pretty piece.

'Orinoco Flow' was absolutely AMAZING!!! Mairead C, Susan, & Lynn blend SO well in this song! Best version ive heard yet!

Susans version of 'The Moon's A Harsh Mistress' was AWESOME! I cant believe the power she has in her voice! I was able to tell she was putting everything she had into her performance! It was STUNNING!

'After Hours' was with the band & it was awesome!

This was my first time ever hearing 'Si Do Mhaimeo I' live as ive only heard 2 other versions of it on TV/youtube: Anunas version & Meav/Mairead Ns version. It was a duet betweet Mairead C & Lynn. I really enjoyed it, & not hearing it live before, i didnt have anything to compare it to so that was good.

'Teir Abhaile Riu' was absolutely HILARIOUS! They ALL had so much fun with this song! All of their facial expressions were too funny! Lynn did a great job & was really playing the part very well.

'My Lagan Love' was beautiful! Lynn always does a fantastic job with this song & she definitely owns the song.

Susans version of 'The Call' is BREATHTAKING!!! I hope it gets put on a CD/DVD someday because it NEEDS to be recorded. She has the most powerful voice of anyone i have ever heard live!

'Nil Se'n La was AWESOME & they all were having so much fun singing it!

'Granuaile's Dance' was incredible, as always. Mairead was all over the stage like usual

Danny Boy was awesome & I really loved Lynns voice in the song.

I really enjoyed 'Mo Ghile Mear'

'You Raise Me Up' was great, although i did miss the extra verse that Lynn has always sung. I dont know why it was taken out  

Now for 'The Parting Glass'. Since seeing Celtic Nights perform this song, i was nervous about hearing CW sing it again, because i really LOVED the version Celtic Nights performed. CWs version was awesome though, because it ended up sounding different with Lynn being in the group & it sounded amazing!

I forget which song it was during, but Susan waved at me ! I got a few looks from her & Lynn on more than 1 occasion. That was awesome & surprising. I dont know why this was , but Mairead C gave me so many smiles during the concert! I was surprised because this was my first time ever seeing her & I hadnt met her until that evening AFTER the concert was over!

After the show, Mike & I went to the stage door to see what might happen there  I forget the order of the girls coming out, but Mairead C stopped to talk for about 2 minutes so that was very exciting to meet her for the 1st time. She was the only 1 of the main 4 girls that stopped to talk to fans before getting on the bus. Ewan came out & he gave me a hug! Sarah & Edel came out & i got to talk to them for about 5 minutes if not more! They are SO nice & so funny & friendly!

An error about the program i noticed is "I Know My Love" by Mairead Carlin isnt listed in it. It was different from the other versions ive heard on CD. I really liked it.
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I met David Downes,Susan McFadden, Lynn, Lisa K(2x), Eabha, Mairead N, Mairead C, Chloe(2x), Lisa Lambe(2x), Orla, Anthony Byrne & Sarah Gannon, Edel Chan Murphy, Ewan Cowley (2x) & Roisin Dempsey.
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Wonderful review -- I'm glad you were able to meet so many CW folks.
Thank you for sharing your show with us. Smiley
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Nice review. I can't wait to hear Lynn in the parting glass.

I've met Lisa L, Lynn(2x), Susan, Mairead C(2x), Mairead N (2x), Edel, Sarah, Nick, Craig, Anthony, Maggie, and Tommy
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It sounds like you had a great time, Ann-Marie.  I'm glad you were able to meet some of the ensemble and have a great concert experience.

There is no Lambe like our Lil' Lambe.  Mairead Carlin is the real deal.
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