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Author Topic: Duluth GA show  (Read 4561 times)
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« on: September 04, 2016, 08:31AM »

I went to Chloe's show Friday night in Duluth, GA.  I now remember why I fell in love with CW all those years ago!

Show was at a place called the Red Clay Foundry.  Small venue; maybe 250 seats.  Guess was just over 200 people there.  If you paid for a "premium" seat (and it was only $50), you got a meet and greet!  According to the promoter, there were 65 of us, so they allowed an hour.  Chloe took the time to meet everyone, gave most of us a hug, signed autographs and posed for pictures.  (I have no idea how to post pictures here).  If there was time (there wasn't) she was going to do a Q&A and sign one song.  We did get the song. 

Show was just Chloe, accompanied by Dermit on the piano and guitar.  Chloe seemed really happy and relaxed.  She introduced just about each song, and said why she chose it.  Set list (and there's a few I'm not 100% certain of)

When You Believe
No Frontiers
Galway Bay
Something Beautiful
Dream a Little Dream
All I Want (?)
Peace (?)
Take you to the Island
The Rattlin’ Bog

Isle of Hope
She Used to Be Mine
Danny Boy (Dermit)
Falling Slowly
Galway to Graceland
If I’m Not in Love with You
Ave Maria
What a Wonderful World
The Gathering

Chloe wrote The Gathering.  It, and The Rattlin' Bog were sing-a-longs.  Her arrangement of Ave Maria was based on one done by Beyonnce.  Different that what anyone was expecting, but still great. 

I'm sitting back home here on Sunday morning, kicking myself that I didn't just stay and go the Lisa/Chloe Master Class today. 


IloveyouSarahBurke!! <3
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When You Believe~ Chloe:"that was for you" 5/15/15

« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2016, 11:04PM »

I was there too... it was amazing

The meet and greet before the show was incredible too!!  It had been at least 3 years since the last time I had met her... And I was in heaven the whole time I was talking to her!

Thanks Scott! 
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