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Author Topic: "Will Alex's "Dulaman" Be next after how Newgrange & The Voice gotten released!"  (Read 6470 times)
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Alex Lynn as next guest DVD, Susan LL next Castle

« on: December 07, 2016, 11:32AM »

The fantastic thing that Alex Sharpe was able to return to us for the 10th Anniversary is one Huge thing
but to then surprise upon for her fans a studio made release of Newgrange & The Voice which she did on tour again to me her rendition of The Voice is her iconic staple in bringing to CW) as perfect as Lisa K even though Lisa K has so many top ones besides The Voice. She is so affectionate & caring she offered her The Voice as a free download for all+.

The even cooler part is the longer intro used only on Tour is on her Newgrange studio track which didn't on the original ANJ CD.

To me it's no surprise when she done this, how did, did Celtic Woman offer her the instrumental track & she recorded behind it herself. All the songs of CW must have a pre-instrumental with choir backup or (not) background track in order for also
Mairead C, and Eabha as other's to perform with for the returning tour. Of all those Lynn's Scarborough Fair has instrumental differences unless the guitar presence made it sound different a bit taking over on the tour you can tell it's not identically 100% like to Hayley's, however Newgrange is so the same, and so is The Voice.

If this was a gift from CW since she is superb at both of these how gracious they are.. If she did it on her own, I don't know where she got the instrumentals to be so darn 99.9% 100% A+ close.  I'm asking this assuming if in the future, Lynn or Alex could do this same thing with Dulaman. I think it's so important that Lynn does the same thing Alex did herself for Dulaman which was significantly as important to her participation while with CW as much as Meav. Lisa L having her own release proven it's not only Meav who can own it. She could also do to Carolina Rua (SFTH) since the copyright issue, or her solo of Danny Boy she did superb first time in 2007 on tour! I know they did CaraNua now but it be still sweet to get the classic version of Dulaman from them. If in able to do this with The Voice, Alex could finish off her CW unreleases including the CW version of My Heart Was Home Again..! Let them finish their CW degree they have already no Christmas degree other than singing for Obama with 1 song! Roll Eyes
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