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Author Topic: Lisa Kelly interview (Dec 30, 2016 on WUSB 90.1 FM)  (Read 3175 times)
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Lisa Kelly Interview (Dec 30, 2016)
WUSB 90.1 FM Stony Brook, NY

Lisa Kelly was live today on WUSB 90.1 FM on the Long Island Blues Warehouse with DJ Mark Klein.

I'll try to post a clip if I can track one down.

Otherwise, here's a summary of the interview.



I know most of us know almost everything below already, but I'll post it for the sake of documentation / new fans anyways.

How Lisa got started:
- Her parents obsessed with music
- Her dad was a teacher and in to the Beatles
- Her mom was in musical theatre
- Karen Carpenter was a huge influence and inspiration for Lisa. Lisa loved both her voice and her storytelling ability.
- She started performing in Bugsy Malone when she was 7
- By 11, she started training classically (but spent most of her time doing local theatre and her love was pop music)

- She played "Velma Kelly" in Chicago, "Florence" in Chess. Both productions won awards.
- She never considered herself to be a dancer, but she learned along the way
- Her involvement in Riverdance had a lot to do with timing, luck, and a director took her under his wing for 18 months
- While doing Pantomine, Lisa got offered an audition to Riverdance
- She was offered the broadway production, but chose the touring production instead because she wanted to see more of the US
- She became a lead in Riverdance after a couple of months and spent 4 years with that production
- Lisa and David met in Riverdance briefly Wink
- Lisa was expecting second son, so she left Riverdance in May, 2004, since she was expecting in August (just before the concert on Sept 15, 2004 that launched the group that changed many of our lives)
- The first TV show they did after that concert was The Today Show in March 2005 (they performed Orinoco Flow)

Life after Celtic Woman:
- Lisa was living in New York for a while
- But with their 4th child on the way, it was becoming too expensive, so they moved to Georgia
- The south was a bit of a culture shock at first in comparison to New York
- Lisa and her husband didn't want to go into competition with another school for dancing that was nearby
- So they opened a Voice Academy instead
- The core values of the Academy are for students to be themselves and have fun, without judgement

- She says "never say never" but touring again isn't high on her priority list
- She's not sure if she has the energy for extended touring anymore
- Either way, her family and them being together is her priority Smiley
- Although she's open to short gigs elsewhere Wink
- She has the best of both world at the moment
- The radio host wants to have Lisa come to NY for a short gig in support of the Children's hospital he supports there
- Lisa sounded very enthusiastic about the idea

- A part of me cringes every time someone says they're a huge fan and then repeatedly calls the group "The Celtic Women."
- I know they mean well, but seriously? At least say the correct name of the group if you're going to proclaim yourself a true fan! LOL!!!
- This was apparently their last radio show in their long-time building. They're moving to a new building in a few days.

Post-interview songs:
- Caledonia
- Bridge Over Troubled Water (from her concert in late 2016)
- The Blessing

Overall Thoughts:
Other than the mis-pronunciation of Celtic Woman, I thought it was a wonderful interview, both from the interviewer and from our lovely lass Lisa. Lisa's very sweet and although it's extremely unlikely I'll get to meet her in Georgia in April, I look forward to FINALLY seeing her live!

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I hope this means that she does a short tour of the south, maybe Virginia, The Carolinas, and Georgia

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So Lisa sounds enthusiastic about a short gig in NYC for a Childrens Hospital??? 

I'm always up for a trip to NYC !!!!

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