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Author Topic: High Kings First Special  (Read 2084 times)
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« on: April 04, 2018, 05:34PM »

I'm posting this on here because THK forum hasn't been active lately.

Anyway, I've been hearing that when it came to THK first DVD, Live in Dublin, it was filmed over two nights, and the audience footage was mixed from both nights, but apparently, The Parting Glass, was only performed on the second night.  Does anyone know why this was?  Could it be that a problem occurred that forced them to end early on the first night given how in SFTH, a problem occurred on the first night that forced CW to end the show early.  And I wonder if Phil the Fluter's Ball was only performed on the second night as well since no audience members from the first night was shown during that song.  I asked because it makes me sad that the audience from the first night apparently missed out on TPG and possibly PTFB as well.

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