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Author Topic: Amy Rivard: Come Together music video  (Read 3945 times)
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On May 28, Amy Rivard recorded a music video for her song When We Come Together.

I managed to take a few days off work so I could be part of the shoot!

It was recorded in Windsor, Canada (Amy's hometown) on the path along the Detroit river.

Amy was up really early in the morning to scout the location, get some preliminary shots, and get things set up. There was a tent set up with some food and refreshments on location. There was a drone and a few 360 cameras.

The shoot started under the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit. Amy was filming the opening scene when I got there. She was riding a bike, as she was for most of the morning. After she was done with that scene, she came over and said hi to me. Other people gradually showed up to the set. I'd guess there were about 30-60 people in all, most of were people who Amy knows (friends, family, etc.). There was also a group of current students from Amy's old high school. I thought that was a nice tough.

Amy had sent out an open casting call a few days before the shoot. I know at least 2 people who showed up because of the casting call. They didn't know who Amy was but I gave them some info about her so hopefully she's made some new fans. Wink There weren't a lot of people there I've met before. There was at least one person that knows my parents though. Small world.

The main part of the shoot started around 8:00 AM and wrapped a little before noon. I don't want to give away too much about the video, but it involved spreading the cast of extras all along the waterfront path, all the way from the bridge to the recently erected giant riverfront flag. I was hoping to see the whole process, but it didn't quite work out that way. The shoot involved, for me anyways, a lot of walking. It was a bright day and really hot outside. I needed the exercise and was taking a bunch of photos while the shoot worked its way down the path, so I ended up walking back and forth quite a bit. I ended up being one of the furthest down along the path, in part due to where I was parked and because I had to stay out of the earlier shots.

I've been on that path before, but it has changed quite a bit over time. I haven't lived there in close to 10 years and I didn't get down to the river path very often even when I lived there. I guess at some point, the crew at the end of the path called Amy and changed the plan a little bit because there was construction along the riverfront in some places and they didn't want that in the video. So the initial shot I was supposed to be in got cut. I think Amy felt bad, because she kind of changed one of the later scenes in the video to get me in it. We ran into a few technical issues during that particular scene. For one, we had to find a way to hear the music without earbuds so we could get the timing right. It took some quick thinking on the part of Amy and myself, but I think we came up with a decent way around that problem.

I have no experience or talent when it comes to acting, it was a bigger role than I was supposed to have, and there was no rehearsal for that scene. We actually had to rush the last few scenes too because it involved a drone shot and we had a deadline to get the drone out of the air (prior to the baseball game across the river). I hope one of the takes turned out ok. I don't want to give away the ending, but it involved me doing the opposite of what was happening along the path while trying to hold something up while moving. Not a particularly easy sequence for someone with vertigo / balance issues. I managed to stay standing, but as for how the facial expressions etc. turned out ... yikes. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Let me just say I have more confidence in Amy's ability to make me look decent than I do in my acting skills. I will not be winning any awards for that one though and I wouldn't want to have to be the one to edit it.  Roll Eyes

Amy did an interview with one of the local new channels. Here's the interview:

After the video shoot, the cast and crew gathered together for some refreshments. I got to take a few more pics with with Amy and got lots of hugs!

The video will hopefully be out Canada Day!

... and hopefully they don't have to cut my part  Cheesy

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