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Author Topic: Avatar Uploads  (Read 5219 times)
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« on: September 23, 2009, 11:51PM »

Hey Guys,

For the last little bit people have been having problems uploading their avatars to the forum. The problem has been fixed now and everything should be fine. If you run into anymore problems, let me know.

The really long technical explanation: Somewhere during the course of life, either just because it could or during one of the forum updates, one of the pages of code got messed up. Probably the page that handles forum uploads. This caused the forum to misname the avatars when it uploaded them. However, the forum program was looking for the correct name of the avatar when it went to display it. As a result, no avatar was shown but the forum did think that there WAS an avatar there to display. I just used a backup copy to overwrite the corrupt code and everything was good. Not that I think anyone really cares as long as the forum works, but in case you do.

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